Gallery Skarstedt, march 2005

  I take photographs of myself, my daughter and other models though twisted mirrors which I arrange in nature. The model and I keep moving around the mirrors until I through the camera objective see a motive I want to take a picture of, then I ask the model to freeze the motion. The motive appears in the twisted mirror as a momentary image. A minimal shifting of the camera and it irrevocably disappears and is replaced by a new unexpected illusion. It´s like hunting reflections of sunlight and whirling autumn leaves and catching chimeras and inner ghosts.  
Flood in a Magnificent Landscape
In the Sunset
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Hands of the Wizard and The Siblings
Last Judgement and Beneath the Surface
The Ground You Are Walking On Vertigo Chi The Victim In the Sunset The hands of the Wizard The Siblings The Last Judgement Beneath the Surface