Dascha Esselius

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
Lives in Stockholm since 1969

2017 Aurora Borealis VI Konstmagasinet Sundsvall
2017 Signs Upplands Bro Exhibition Hall
2017 Two Artists One Work of Art Gallery Erik Axl Sund, Stockholm, in collaboration with Kenneth Håkansson
2016 Treasures of the Arctic Ocean, Vilnius, Litauen/Lithuania
2015 Art Forum Norrkoping, Sweden
2014 Aurora Borealis V, Vilnius Litauen
2012 Aniara Gallery Sollentuna
2011 National Gallery Stockholm
2010 Aurora Borealis IV, Swedish Institute, Paris
2009 Aurora Borealis III outdoor installation, Umea
2009 Aurora Borealis II installation Umea Airport
2009 Aurora Borealis I installation Umea Airport
2007-10 Visiting Empire of Forgetfulness
2007 Heart of Darkness Art Museum of Gothenburg
2005 Gallery Skarstedt
1999 "Northern Lights" City Hall of Stockholm
1998 City Hall and Art Museum of Ystad
1997 Gallery Leena Kuumola, Helsinki, Finland
1996,93 Gallery Leena Kuumola, Stockholm
1993 Gallery Brage, Umeå
1993 Gallery Vasa, Falun
1993 Gallery Ahlund, Umeå
1992 Olle Olsson House, Solna
1991 Svea Gallery, Stockholm
1987 Sweger Art, Stockholm
1987 Wadköpings Exhibition Hall, Örebro
1987 Exhibition Hall of Gothenburg
1986 The House of Culture, Stockholm
1985 Borås Art Museum
1985 Gallery Du Nord, Borås
1984 The House of Culture, Stockholm
1984 Espace DA&Du, Paris, France
1984 VB Gallery, Kuopio, Finland
1884 Exhibition Hall of Södertälje
1983 University College of Arts Crafts and Design

2020 Spaceship a permanent sculpture installation at Upplands Bro City Hall
2019 Heaven in the Water II commissioned by Open ArT in Örebro
2019 Renovation of the monumental light sculpture Arc of Light commissioned by Örebro municipality 2017 video installation Aurora Borealis VI Sundsvall
2016 Treasures of the Arctic Ocean on behalf of the Beepart /Lithuania
2014 Aurora Borealis V video installation in Vilnius
2010 Aurora Borealis IV, Swedish Institute, Paris
2009 Three commissions by Umea municipality: an outdoor installation Aurora Borealis III in the City, Aurora Borealis I and II at Umea Airport
2008 two light-courts at Jakobsberg hospital
2002 Clinical department for speach therapy
(waiting room, a room for medical examination, canteen)
2000 premises of CELL ITS in Stockholm:
office space, lunchroom, meeting room, assembly room )
1998 two light-courts at Jakobsberg hospital
1997 playground at Bryggan Preschool, Rinkeby
1993 The Museum of National Antiquities "Swedish History" a multimedia installation
1991 Bårsta School, Södertälje a fountain sculpture and a light sculpture
1990 a light sculpture in Brunnsparken in Örebro
1990 a temporary outdoor installation in Örebro
1984 film for Swedish Television "Play with Fire"

1998 An honorable mention in an architect contest Stockholm a City of Colors 90 Outline commission for Varberg subway station, Stockholm County Council
1989 Outline commission for Swedish Exhibition Agency

2015 Officially invited to exhibit at 6:th Biennale at The State Biology Museum in Moscow, Russia
1990 Officially invited to exhibit at 21:th Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil

LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art USA, Museum of New Art Pärnu Estonia
Museum of Modern Art Stockholm, Museum of Public Art Lund, City of Stockholm, Public Art Council, Sollentuna municipality, Umea municipality, City of Solna, Orebro municipality, Stockholm County Council, Sollentuna Council, SE- bank, Foundation Filmform distribution: Play with Fire 1984, The Lace 2005, The Brainstorm 2007, Darkroom Gallery Master Essex USA

2016 Didaktik II 7,5 Credits
2016 Methodology of Research 7,5 Credits
2016 Education, pedagogy and society Stockholm University 7,5 Credits
2016 Special education in a school for all Stockholm University 7,5 Credits, Grate B
2015 Human Development and Socialisation, Stockholm University 7,5 Credits, Grate A
2015 The School´s Knowledge Assignment, Stockholm University 7,5 Credits, Grate B
1999 Lighting II
University College of Arts Crafts and Design
1983-84 additional course in stage design at DI (The University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre)
1978-83 Sculpture department at University College of Arts Crafts and Design

2012-14 Art curator at Stockholm County Council
2002 President of Swedish Sculptor Association
1996 Jury Member of BUF Grant Committee
1995 Board member of Swedish Artists Association
1992-93 Art curator at National Historical Museum
1976 Decorative painter at National Museum, Sthlm
1976 Chronicler at Swedish Radio P1
1974-78 Stage Designer and curator at IKC /Immigrant Cultural Center

2020 Open Source LACDA/Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, USA
2019 Secrets, Moscow Biological Museum within the 8:th Moscow Art Biennale, Russia
2019 London Conpemporary Gallery The Line, London UK
2019 The Point Gallery Burggasse 21, Vienna, Austria
2019 Early Swedish Video Art. Lecture and film screening by Theresa Wennberg at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris
2019 OpenArT 2019 Örebro
2019 Anima Mundi/Rituals THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space + Palazzo Ca` Zanardi, Venice Italy
2019 LACDA 15th Anniversary Members Exhibit Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, USA
2019 Art&Time Ronneby Culture Center
2018-19 Surreal Darkroom Gallery Essex Jct USA
2018 Metamorphosis Darkroom Gallery Essex Jct USA
2018 Electron Salon + LACDA Members Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA
2017 Alchemic Body Jorge Jurado Gallery Bogotá Colombia
2017 Electron Salon, LACDA, Los Angeles USA
2017 40 TOP Winners, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, USA
2017 Man, Woman & Sea Museum of New Art Pärnu Estonia
2017 Anima Mundi - Rituals, Consciousness, Visions Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2017 Alchemic Body Laura Haber Galley Buenos Aires
2017 Le Paysage, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct. USA
2016 In Stillness, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct. USA
2016 Future Landscapes, Venice Art House, Italy
2016 Oxygen - Fragmented Cities+ Identities Jorge Jurado Gallery Bogotá, Colombia
2016 Environmental Portrait, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, USA
2016 Fragmented Identities, Venice Art House/Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Italy
2016 Shadow and Light, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, USA
2016 Skulptur, Ronneby Kulturcentrum
2016 Venice Art House/ Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Italy
2016 Darkroom Gallery Essex USA
2015-16 Ronneby Cultural Centre Sweden
2015 2x Konstnärhuset/Artist House Stockholm
2014 Lokomotiv Bollnäs
2014 Light in the City Tartu Estland
2013 Light in the City Hasselt Belgium
2013 Svenska Kyrkan London
2013 Floating Pictures Stockholm
2013 Exhibition Hall NoA Nortälje
2013 Angel Orensanz Foundation New York
2013 Gallery Tete Berlin
20 13 Gallery Axel Stockholm
2013 Floating Pictures Stockholm
2012 Sami Art Center Karasjok Norway
2012 European sculptur, Edsvik Exhibition Hall Sollentuna
2011 Sculptural Park Marsvinholm
2011 Stockholm County Museum
2009 Nord Art, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2009 Luleå Exhibition Hall
2008 Gallery Tegen 2, Stockholm
2008 Jamtli County Museum, Sweden
2008 Gävleborg County Museum
2008 Växjö Exhibition Hall
2008 Millesgården Stockholm
2007 Art Museum of Gothenburg
2007 Bildmuseet Umeå, Polar Productions
2007 Konstnärshuset Stockholm
2006 Vasa Castle Uppsala
2004 Gallery Skarstedt
2000-02 Stockholm County Museum
2000 Vinterviken, Stockholm
1999-00 Nationalmuseum of Sweden
1999 Svalöf Weibull Garden AB, Hammenhög
1998 Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
1995 Gallery Grå, Stockholm
1995 "Creations", Västergötland
1994 "C-Railway"
1993 The Museum of National Antiquities
1993 "Flags around Kinneviken"
1991 Castle park of Nynäs
2006,1989,88,84 The House of Culture, Stockholm
1989 Taxinge Castle
1988 Art Museum of Örebro
1987 Gothenburg Exhibition Hall
1984 Gallery Du Nord, Borås
1984 L´E sprit du Nord, Paris, France
1978 Läckö Castle
1976 Art Museum of Gothenburg
1975 Nationalmuseum of Sweden
1974 Liljevalchs Exhibition Hall

2019 Surreal Darkroom Gallery, Vt, USA
2018 WomenCineMakers Special Edition https://issuu.com/womencine.makers.review/docs/special.

2018 Metamorphosis DarkroomGallery
2017 Anima Mundi Catalogue It´s liquid
2017 Dedicated Interview on ItsLiquid official website
2017 Le Paysage Darkroom Gallery, USA
2016 Borders Catalogue It´s LIQUID Group
2016 Intervju on It´s LIQUID official webside
2016 In Stiliness Darkroom gallery
2016 Environmental Portrait Darkroom Gallery
2016 Shadow and Light Darkroom Gallery
2013 Network Broads Year Book
2012 EU-Magazine 4, Le Delarge Dictionnaire des arts plastiques modernes et contemporains
2011 SKISS/art, working life, research
2010 Swedish Delight, L´Liberation
2009 Nord Art
2007 Visiting Empire of Forgetfulness
2007 Switch on the Darkness
2006 Pioneers within Swedish Video Art
2005 Polar Research Secretariat Year Book
2002 Encyclopedia Allgemeines Kunstlexikon 35
2002 Oxygeum - six artists- three hospitals
2000 SR P3, Arkitekt Contests 96/8, Art World 96/2,
1995 Form 95/96
1994 The Thought and the Hand – 150 Years of the University College of Arts Crafts and Design
1993 The Swedish History, 1989 SVT1/ABC, Free Church Educational Association The Eye Reaches Beyond the Words, Vår Lösen 8/89, Nordstedts Edition House Who is She? Mosaik 87/4, 80-tal 87-26/27,
1984 Play with Fire SVT2, Mosaik 83/8, Paletten 83/4, Form 83/5

1989-2019 Stockholm City Art Studio Grant
2005-a polar research expedition
2004, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1994, 1991, 1988, 1986, 1984
The Arts Grants Committee
2000 Stockholm County Council Cultural Scholarship
2002,1998 B A Daneli Fund
1999 Längmanska Cultural Fund
1998,93 Stockholm City Scholarship
1997 Nordic Cultural Fund
1997 Sweden-Finland Cultural Fund
1983 N J Sjöstedts Scholarship

2010-13 Creative School at Ängbyskolan Bromma
2010-13 Creative School at Viksjöskolan Järfälla
2010 Creative School at Vasa Real Stockholm
2010 lecturer in Artistic Methodic in Orebro
2009-10 lecturer at Södertörns University
2009 lecturer in Artistic Methodic at City Hall of Gothenburg
2008 lecturer in Artistic Methodic at Chalmers University in Gothenburg 08 lecturer in Artistic Methodic in Hultsfred
2007 lecturer at Umea University 07 lecturer in Artistic Methodic in Karlstad 07 lecturer in Artistic Methodic in Jonkoping
1993 teacher at Umeå University College of Art
1991 Guest teacher at Nordic Art School in Finland
1987-89 teacher at University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Sculpture, Metal, Ceramics.
1988-89 Head teacher at Orebro Art School
1986-90 teacher at Virginska Art School Orebro
1987-88 teacher at Orebro Art School 87 lecturer at Kyrkeruds folk high school
1978-83 assisting museum teacher at National Historical Museum