Darkroom Gallery

12 Main St. Essex Jct. VT. USA



Juror's Statement:

Tension. If there is one theme I return to time and time again in photography, it is tension. I know it when I see it and I like it. These images are filled with it. Tension. Formal, conceptual, emotional. As I culled through the some one-thousand photographs submitted here for consideration, I found myself immediately drawn to those that arrested me; be it formal or be it conceptual, the "arrest" was driven by tension in every single instance. From lyrical science experiments riffing on our relationship to the universe via light spectrums, to eerie noire-style narratives that unfold in a single frame, to surveillance-referencing imagery that suggest something unknown (and likely very bad), is about to take place (or will it?); the tension throughout this collection of photographs is palpable.

Taj Forer