Darkroom Gallery

12 Main St. Essex Jct. VT. USA



Juror's Statement:

I almost never photograph people. I’m drawn to architectural elements, depopulated vistas and street views and especially to abstract details and scenic etant-donnes. Portraiture is another matter altogether -- and environmental portraiture even more so. With elements of street photography, social and anthropological documentary, and biographical narrative, the challenge in choosing from an impressively diverse and talented pool came down in many cases to interpreting the terms -- seeking to include images which portrayed more than a subject’s happenstance, but the affirmative choice to be and be seen in those settings. I looked for signs of the subject embracing and orchestrating their environments, for elements radiating a sense of their owner/occupant’s inner life through deliberate external expressions. Besides imparting intimacy in content, these images must also be affecting, thoughtful, emotional, and artfully made compositions across a range of styles and voices, presenting a cross-section of humanity as it wishes to be seen.

Shana Nys Dambrot